Team List Instructions

Club Officials who are delegated to submit their team lists to LittleChamp are required to do so with the following document template. This speeds up the process considerably and avoids mistakes having to re-type the names onto the photograph. This must be done 48 hours prior to the Team Photo Day.

LittleChamp Team List.xls

Each Team must be on a new tab/worksheet. The title of the tab/worksheet is the team name. It is not necessary to include the club name in this title, simply include the age group and the unique name identifying the team. Diagram A indicates which button creates a new tab/worksheet. Double Click on the default tab name (eg. Sheet1) to change the name to the name of your team.

Diagram A

Add the names for that particular team to column A. Include Firstname and Surname in the cell. It is important to include players, coaches, managers etc in this list. You can put the role in column B, however this is only a guide. Diagram B is an example of how to fill in the names in column A and the role in column B.

Diagram B

Once all the teams are in the spreadsheet and all the names are in each tab/worksheet, please email to