Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Team Arrange Tool

Here is a tutorial. Enjoy.

Can I purchase a digital image?

Digital download of a poster is not a product that LittleChamp currently offers. We will soon be offering this option on some products.

Can I choose the photos that appear in My LittleChamp poster?

Providing access to the portfolio prior to the posters being completed gives customers unrealistic expectations that any photo works with any other photo. The LittleChamp product is a poster, not individual photo(s). We have experienced that if customers are provided choices, it creates disappointment when the images (sometimes 4 images) simply can’t ‘artistically’ fit together. This damages the LittleChamp brand. You can rely on LittleChamp’s experience and expertise to choose the most excellent images that work together for the perfect custom, unique poster of your little champ.

How long does it take?

Due to there generally being a large number of poster orders per photoshoot, LittleChamp attempts a 4-6 week turnaround. From photo-day to the final artwork being uploaded for viewing. Printing and delivery are outside of our control, but shouldn’t be longer than an additional week. This timeframe is not a contract. It is an estimation. Please be patient.